Neutral Grounds Jiujitsu Academy of Self Defense

About Us

A jiujitsu bout Neutral Grounds Jiu-JItsu Academy

Academy Rules & Expectations


 *Students must have shoes or sandals on when they are off the mat. 

*Sandals or shoes must be worn to use restroom. *NO SHOES ON THE MAT. 


 *No Food , gum, or drinks on the mat.  *Bow before entering mat & after class. *Introduce yourselves to new students. *No Cussing or swearing. 

*Only coaches are to instruct students. *Parents, martial arts is about self internalization, love of learning, patience, repsect. Children are all different, please do not compare one child to another, we all learn differently.

*Please take phone calls outside of academy due to the respect of the students and coaches during class. * We have the right to refuse service to anyone esp because we make safety first.

Drop off & pick up procedure

Parents or guardians- you may DROP-OFF student(s) no earlier than 15mins before class & PICKUP no later than 15 minutes after class. Students in age group 4-6 yrs (we recommend parents stay for duration of class). We hold private lessons, clean & work on maintenance  during non class hours. There is no supervision at this time. 


*Please keep nails short to avoid cuts

* Bathe before & right after training to avoid funky mats

*Wear shoes or sandals when not on the mat. Foot attire must be worn to use restroom

*clean your training attire & gear on a regular basis

*make sure your training equipment including bag is clean and dry 

HYGIENE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PREVENT FUNK SUCH AS FUNGUS, RINGWORM, STAPH & All the funky little creatures out there who love to breed in a moist environment.

*Cover all cuts, or open wounds before training. If you have a rash, you must check with a doctor to get a cleared note before training.