Neutral Grounds Jiujitsu Academy of Self Defense

About Us

World renowned Lineage

Maeda- Helio & Carlos Gracie-Royce & Rodrigo Gracie- Professor Evaldo Lima

Highly Qualified Professor

PROF. EVALDO LIMA is a 'IBJJF Gold Medalist', Appointed Board Member of Kuwait's Intl' Jiujitsu Federation. 

Qualified Coaches

Coach Joel has been with Neutral Grounds since the age of 17. Training almost everyday for 11yrs at Neutral Grounds, Coach Joel was promoted to the rank of Black Belt in 2018

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Well respected

Let's just say we've taught a lot of folks over the years. From civilians to the Military, even Hollywood.

Awesome Kids Program

We offer smaller classes for a better learning environment for younger students, esp age group 4-6yrs old. Many of our students adapt very well at their first year in High school sports, esp in Wrestling due to the exposure to grappling at a younger age. Some even getting scholarships for college. 

Multiple Disciplines offered

We offer Jiuitsu, Muay Thai, and Seasonal Wrestling (ages 6-13yrs old & Teen advance summer camps).

Great training Combo offered

Our Wrestling Coach, Joe Solis is well known in So. Cal Wrestling. Many Wrestling coaches today were taught under Coach Solis. Our Muay Thai Coach Woody heads a fun filled class full of techniques & cardio.

Academy Rules & Expectations


 *Students must have shoes or sandals on when they are off the mat. 

*Sandals or shoes must be worn to use restroom. *NO SHOES ON THE MAT. 


 *No Food , gum, or drinks on the mat.  *Bow before entering mat & after class. *Introduce yourselves to new students. *No Cussing or swearing. 

*Only coaches are to instruct students. *Parents, martial arts is about self internalization, love of learning, patience, repsect. Children are all different, please do not compare one child to another, we all learn differently.

*Please take phone calls outside of academy due to the respect of the students and coaches during class. * We have the right to refuse service to anyone esp because we make safety first.

Drop off & pick up procedure

Parents or guardians- you may DROP-OFF student(s) no earlier than 15mins before class & PICKUP no later than 15 minutes after class. Students in age group 4-6 yrs (we recommend parents stay for duration of class). We hold private lessons, clean & work on maintenance  during non class hours. There is no supervision at this time. 


*Please keep nails short to avoid cuts

* Bathe before & right after training to avoid funky mats

*Wear shoes or sandals when not on the mat. Foot attire must be worn to use restroom

*clean your training attire & gear on a regular basis

*make sure your training equipment including bag is clean and dry 

HYGIENE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PREVENT FUNK SUCH AS FUNGUS, RINGWORM, STAPH & All the funky little creatures out there who love to breed in a moist environment.

*Cover all cuts, or open wounds before training. If you have a rash, you must check with a doctor to get a cleared note before training.